LaVilla Audition Form


Information About Auditions And What To Bring

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on the process or if you have any questions about the form.

Chorus/Vocal Music

Students interested in auditioning for chorus/vocal music should be prepared to participate in a vocal range exercise, demonstrated by the choral director. Students will be asked to echo a few simple melodies after hearing it played on the piano. Students should also be prepared to sing a song of his/her choice that best compliments his/her voice. The song can be as simple as “Happy Birthday.” If desired, students can bring an accompaniment track or sheet music, but is not required. Students with experience, will be asked to sight read.

Creative Writing

Students interested in auditioning for Creative Writing should bring a 3-prong soft folder (no hard cover binders) containing three original pieces they've written THIS school year. The folder should be labeled with the student's first and last name on the cover. The pieces should demonstrate at least two types of writing such as poetry, short story (fiction), or creative non-fiction. The pieces may be typed or handwritten. The students should also include a 4-6 sentence Personal Statement on why the student loves writing and why the student wants to be in the Creative Writing Department at LaVilla. The student folder WILL NOT be returned, so please only provide COPIES. Finally, students will also participate in a personal interview and an on-demand writing timed writing prompt.


Students interested in auditioning for dance should come to the audition dressed in proper ballet attire (girls: pink tights, black leotard, ballet slippers and in a bun or pinned, clipped away from the face, boys: black leotard or tank top with tights or sweat pants, and ballet shoes or barefoot. Student will participate in a ballet and modern dance class. It is not necessary to come with a preset dance or costume.

Instrumental Music

(Band, Orchestra, & Classical Guitar)

Students who wish to join LaVilla Bands in 6th grade do not need to have prior experience on an instrument. To audition, they will take the Band Aptitude Test, an aural test that does not require advance preparation. Students who wish to join LaVilla Bands in 7th or 8th grade must have prior experience on a band instrument. To audition, they must attend an Open Audition, during which they will perform prepared music for our faculty. Students auditioning for Orchestra do not need to take the Band Aptitude Test. Orchestra students should prepare two solos of contrasting style (i.e. one slow and lyrical, one more technical) and should be prepared to play any scales they know. There will also be a short sight-reading excerpt to assess note and rhythm reading skills. (If a student has no prior experience on a stringed instrument but would still like to audition for Orchestra, please reach out to Mrs. Griffin directly - The Orchestra Program has multiple performance levels - there is a place in the program for students of all ability levels. Students interested in auditioning for guitar should bring a classical guitar, please no electric guitars. Students should be prepared to play two short pieces; one classical and another in the style of their choosing. During the audition, students will be asked to perform at least two Major Scales, basic chords, as well as sight read a simple music notation.


Students interested in auditioning for classical piano should be prepared to play two pieces or exercises of different styles. Students are also required to play at least two major scales. Students with experience will be asked to sight read.


Students interested in auditioning for theatre, should be prepared to perform a 60 to 90 second memorized monologue from a published play or published monologue book. A monologue may be selected from the internet, if it was written to be performed on stage. Monologues should be age appropriate. For instance, if a student is 10 years of age, the character in the monologue should be between the ages 8 and 12. Poems, commercials, monologues from TV shows and movies are strongly discouraged. Students may also be asked to participate in a short improvisation led by the adjudicator. Students should have hair pulled back and out of the face and wear clothing that permits the student to easily move around a room comfortably. *Wearing costumes is discouraged.

Visual Arts

Students interested in auditioning for Visual Art should bring a portfolio of three to five pieces of 2D and or 3D art work (photos of large or fragile sculptures are acceptable) created under the direction of a teacher, but students without a portfolio may still audition. Students should be prepared to draw from direct observation. All supplies for the audition will be provided.